About Me

Visual Artist

As a young man I had dreams of writing a novel. Later, after buying a camera and working in a darkroom, my dream changed to creating a photography book documenting the streets and people of New York City. After graduating from Pratt Institute in New York, where I studied architecture and design, my professional career was very fluid. I worked in furniture design, wood, metals, graphic arts, jewelry, and photography. The idea of a book receded into the background.

Currently I work in two mutually supportive art forms: Book Arts, and Photography. These endeavors are the harvest gleaned from the early years of my mixed and varied creative career.

…The world of the senses without words…

The Book Arts portfolio is intended to create a visual narrative that contains a series of images held together by a common thread running through them and bound together in book form. The narrative thread is loosely described on an introductory page that  presents the theme as statement and metaphor.

The photography portfolios, represented here, are expressions of what is immediately known by the senses without words: a dance of quiescence and movement; line and composition; color and texture. I explore the expression of the individual image by using different kinds of non-photographic papers to heighten the essence of the individual image.

Both collections aim to highlight the random meeting of time, natural phenomena, and esthetics. Sometimes, we have the good fortune to be in just the right place, at the right time in order to witness the fluid and mercurial aspect of a particular moment. At those moments when I’m enchanted by my surroundings’ inexhaustible variety, I might think that these moments are complete as they are. At those times, the camera may be unnecessary, and yet some of us are drawn to record that moment. The works included in these collections are of moments past or passing when they were seen and frozen in time like luminescent memories.