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Horizon's Shore

beaches and headlands filled with mystery and enchantment

Twenty miles north of Santa Cruz, along the California coast there are miles of beaches and headlands filled with mystery and enchantment. It is a place I return to often and allow my imagination to wander.  Some days I am intrigued by the shapes and patterns carved by the wind in the sand dunes.  Sometimes, it is the surf chasing itself amidst the rocks that catches my attention.  It is a place full of surprises – constantly shifting in response to wind, waves, wildlife, and fog.

Misak People

Children Of The Rainbow And The Water

High in the Colombian Andes live the Misak People – The Children Of The Rainbow And The Water.

“…. Pishau is the term used to refer to the original Misak People…. keeping the traditions, the Pishau remained secluded up in the high mountains…. The ones that remained below…. suffered through their relations with the Spaniards. The Pishau ate their own salt, but the Misak in the lowlands ate the Spaniards’ salt…. the original Misak knew everything; how to carve stones, how to grow food according to the movement of the stars, how to work gold with plants, and how to see time forwards and backwards….”

Guambianos Hijos Del Arcoíris Y Del Agua  

Abelino Dagua Hurtado
Misael Aranda
Luis Guillermo Vasco


Gazos Creek

The coastal hills of San Mateo County

Gazos Creek winds its way through the coastal hills of San Mateo County.  As it descends, it  creates a deep canyon cutting into the steep hillsides covered with dense redwood forests on its journey to the ocean. 

During the rainy season, there are cascades all along the creek as water pours over the steep cliffs and finds its way into the creek below. Amidst the soft sound of water and birdsong the stillness is profound – one enters a world of sound, scent, and texture.


Puebla, México

Its people and its street life

Puebla is a Spanish Colonial city with beautiful buildings and a Cathedral dating from the 17th century. However, its greatest charm is its people and its street life. This project unfolded as I wandered the streets and encountered its many delights.